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    A home inspection is crucial in evaluating the overall health and condition of a home before you buy or sell the property. As a certified inspector I am trained to recognize existing and potentially problematic issues inside and outside of a home and provide an in-depth web based report, describing the current condition of a property using videos and written material. As your home inspector, I will pay special attention to the building’s structural integrity and overall wellness. At Premier Inspection Services, KY, LLC we will perform a thorough internal and external property inspection before giving the current home owner or potential home buyer a detailed report. Clients can also request a termite insoection and radon gas inspection.

    If you are a potential home buyer, you can establish if the homeowner has taken good care of their property by scheduling a property inspection with Premier Inspection Services, KY, LLC. The inspection may reveal red flags and help you make sound decisions before moving forward with the buying process. Some potential property issues that may araise include: cracked pavement and flooring; mold or mildew; missing caulking and wall stains. Buyers can also use the report to compel the homeowner to carry out repairs before agreeing upon a prichase price for the property.

    A home inspection is the best method to ensure both parties know their house is healthy and without any hidden and costly issues. Sellers can quickly address problems or adjust their price to reflect the house's health. Buyers generally want to invest in a home that is structurally sound free from surprises that could burden them financially at a later date. A home inspection offers both parties a win-win solution and peace of mind.

    What We Inspect

    • Structural elements: Construction of visible foundation, evidence of sagging or bowing of the structure, and window alignment
    • Safety: Operating fire and carbon monoxide alarms, fire sprinklers, condition of stairs, hand and guardrails, and garage door openers
    • Grounds: Leaks from septic tank, proper drainage, and condition of the house's driveways, fences, and sidewalks
    • Roof: Condition of shingles, any repairs/patches to flat roofs, clear vents, damage to chimneys, and properly working gutters
    • Exterior surfaces: Correct clearance between ground and siding material, condition of exterior paint or siding, and properly working lights and electrical outlets
    • Attic: Sufficient insulation, proper ventilation, and any sign of leaking or water damage
    • Interior plumbing: No damaged or leaking pipes, proper hot water temperature, as well as functioning toilets, sinks, bathtubs, and showers
    • Electrical system: Up-to-code condition and type of visible wiring, and proper function of circuit breakers, outlets, light fixtures, and fans
    • Appliances: Proper function of stove, dishwasher, refrigerator, microwave, washer and dryer, and all other appliances
    • Heating and cooling systems: Condition of furnace, air conditioning (temperature permitting), water heater, chimney, and fireplace
    • Basement: Solid foundation, walls, and floors, with no signs of water intrusion or damage
    • Garage: Solid foundation, windows, ceiling, framing, and roof; working garage door opener; up-to-code electrical system; and proper function of outlets


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